Fun Google tricks that you shouldn't miss

Fun Google tricks that you shouldn't miss

Hello everyone, welcome back to another article. Hope you all are doing well. Today we are going to learn some useful yet fun tricks that we can try using our browser. What you need is a browser and google search engine in it. I believe you have access to it cause who doesn't use google these days, right? So let's look at what Google has prepared for us, which we may already know or maybe not.

1. Setting a timer

Did you know you can set a timer right from your Google search engine? Just search "Set timer" in your Google search engine, and Google will pull up a timer for you. You can set your timer now and click "OK". The timer will start beeping once the time runs out. You can use it as a stopwatch too, by tapping on the "STOPWATCH" text.

2. Finding IP address

Do you want to know your own IP address? No worry, Google will help you. Just search "Find my IP" or something similar on Google and get your result. Pretty easy, right?

3. Do a barrel roll

This is a funny Google trick. Not practical, but no harm to try, right? Type "Do a barrel roll" in your search bar and hit enter. You'll like the result!

4. Slap Google

Are you annoyed because google is showing wrong results again and again? Then slap Google. Yes, you heard it right! Slap Google, and you'll see Google's page has been tilted slightly. But as it is Google, you need to type something in your search bar and hit enter if you want to slap. What is that? Simply type "askew" in your search bar and hit enter. Funny, right?

5. Written Number

Are you lazy to figure out a long digit? Google is there to help you. Simply type any string of digits in your search bar and attach "in English" after that. Google will write that number out for you. It's incredibly beneficial for lazy people. Isn't it?

6. Quick convert

Google always has your back. If you want to quickly convert any imperial to metric or vice versa, simply ask Google. Google is there to answer. Just type your question in the search bar and hit enter.
Google will answer correctly and may include the formula too.

7. What's the time in another region?

Have a friend abroad? It's expected that their timezone is different. How to know what is the time there where your friend lives? It's simple and easy. Type "Local time in X". Replace the 'X' with your friend's region, and Google will tell you the current time in that region.

8. Find lyrics of any song

Ever liked a song that you heard for the first time but can't find it later cause you don't know the name of the song? Simply type "Lyrics to", then type a line from the lyrics, and google will tell you the song's title.

9. Suicide help

Are you feeling down and want to commit something you shouldn't? Well, it's not a funny one, of course. But Google is an example that there is humanity, even within the search engine. If anyone searches suicide or search for something similar, Google will try there best to prevent them. Google will show some local helplines that can be extremely helpful in that situation. Sounds great, right?

10. Play some game to say 'Goodbye' to boredom

Getting bored? Don't worry. Google is there to keep you away from that. You can simply search "atari breakout" and play the game. It's not a high-quality game but obviously addictive. Most importantly, you don't need to install it or download it. You can play it right from your browser.

That's all for today. Hope you enjoyed today's article. Let us know if you know of any other fun to do tricks using google which we may have missed. We'll come again with more exciting tips and tricks. Till then, goodbye. Stay safe and healthy. And don't forget to wear a mask while going out.