How to get a temporary Edu Email for free [Working Method]

How to get a temporary Edu Email for free [Working Method]

Are you looking for an Edu Email? You're in the right place, then. Before knowing how can we get one, let's understand what an Edu Email Address is

An Edu Mail is issued by university or institutions to their students for receiving all the official mails. You can get your customised Edu Mail as soon as you enrol in any university.

  • What are the benefits of having an Edu Email?
There are lots of benefit of having an Edu Mail. You can get various discounts while shopping or totally free subscription services such as Amazon Prime, Grammarly or Skillshare premium subscription. All you need is an Edu Email Address.

  • How to get Edu Email?
If you are planning to enrol in any university in the United States, In that case, it's a golden opportunity for you to have an Edu Mail. But if not, then how to get one? Let's jump into the tutorial.
This tutorial is for educational purpose only!

  • Check if you got an Edu Mail. If not, click the marked button shown in the below screenshot.
Click on the red marked button.
  • Keep deleting until you get an Edu Mail Like the below screenshot. If your email has at the end of the address, you are ready to use it.
Email must include
  • You can copy your email using the copy button marked in the screenshot below.
Copy your Edu Mail.
  • You will get 10 minutes to use the email address. You can see the remaining time and Recovery Key. What if  10 minutes is not enough? Fear not. You can easily extend the time by clicking the click here text on their website.
Click the marked area to extend the duration.

  • Scroll the page to see the inbox. You will receive all the emails in your inbox.
You can tap on your received emails to open and read them.
  • Now, what if you need the same email address again later? You can retrieve the email you used previously using the recovery key. So note down your security key in a safe place if you need the email in future again.
You can find your recovery key here.
  • To recover an email you used earlier, simply click on the Recover Email Address on the webpage.
Click the marked area to recover an email.
  • Copy your saved recovery key and paste it in the blank place, then hit the submit button. Your desired email address will be recovered instantly.
Recover your email
  • Conclusion
You can quickly get a temporary Edu Email by following the above tutorial without suffering the hassle of creating one. Excellent right? An Edu mail can save you some bucks while shopping on various websites like Apple, Microsoft or Adobe. You can get lots of free software access too, which is excellent. However, all the benefits of having an Edu Mail may not work while using one of these emails. But it indeed will work in most places. So that's all for today. See you soon with a new tutorial. Till then, Goodbye.